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Plàstica provides the most innovative plastic and reconstructive surgery treatments. Dr.Ramón Llull, Founding Director

Aesthetic Surgery

We offer a wide variety of cosmetic surgery treatments. We are specialized in fat grafting.

Reconstructive surgery

We offer the most advanced reconstructive surgery treatments.


Liposuction is a very effective technique for shaping the body contour with minimal scars.

Our team works developing new products and services, offering innovative solutions with the aim to improve patient’s healthcare.

Improve patient’s healthcare through innovative and safe therapies.

Generate new knowledge and products on the field of cell therapy and tissue engineering through clinical trials development.

Provide training for scientist and medicine professionals.

The medical team is leaded by Dr. Ramón Llull, a plastic surgeon internationally recognized in the field of regenerative medicine.


Lead cell therapies application in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery


Change the current paradigm of cell therapies and treatments

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