What is an abdominoplasty?

The abdomen is one of the areas of the body where it is easy to accumulate fat. Important weight changes, pregnancies and hormonal disorders can prevent  the maintenance of an aesthetic belly.

Abdominoplasty is the surgical technique that removes excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen, and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. It helps to recover the firmness of the belly, flattening it and giving it a much more aesthetic look, thus obtaining a better shaped waist.

Who is the ideal candidate to undergo an abdominoplasty?

Good candidates are those people who have an abundant tissue excess in the lower abdomen. In no case it is a treatment for obesity; those patients who want to undergo abdominoplasty and whose body mass is above the normal values should follow a process of weight loss prior to treatment.

This intervention is specially recommended for women who, because of pregnancy, have excess skin and relaxed abdominal wall muscles. It is also indicated for those people who wish to improve the loss of elasticity of the skin as time goes by.

Are there other options?

Each patient has a different anatomy and physical condition. Abdominoplasty is not always the best option for everyone. In our clinic we analyze case by case on an individual basis to decide what is the best intervention for our patients.

For those people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their abdominal area that lies below the umbilicus we usually recommend the mini-abdominoplasty or lipectomy. This surgical technique is simpler and only requires a small incision above the pubis.

Are the results good and permanent?

Patients satisfaction is very high. It is important to note that the results of an abdominoplasty are permanent, as long as the patient does not suffer large fluctuations in their weight; it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain the positive effects of the intervention.

At Plàstica we include all revisions one year after treatment.

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