Arm Lift


What is it?

The skin on the inner side of our arms can lose tension, leading to ptosis. The main reasons for this problem are age and significant weight variations.

Arm lift or brachioplasty is the plastic surgery procedure that returns firmness by removing fat and excess skin from the inner side of the arms.

How is the surgery done?

Usually this intervention does not take more than 2 hours. The incision will depend on the skin and the fat to be removed. For mild cases, an incision in the axillary fold is sufficient, while in others it is necessary to make an incision between the axilla and the elbow.

Once the incisions are made, the arm is remodeled by eliminating excess skin and adipose tissue. In cases where the amount of fatty tissue is high, a liposuction will be necessary. Once the contour is remodeled, the skin is sutured and a semi-compressive bandage is placed.


The satisfaction rate after the intervention is high. The brachioplasty effectively corrects the problem of flaccidity of the inner side of the arms. In this way it is possible to recover firm and youthful arms.

At Plàstica the well-being of our patients is fundamental. That is why we carry out a continuous follow-up to see the evolution after the surgery. All of our patients have including revisions one year after surgery.

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