Eyelid surgery


How can we rejuvenate our eyelids?

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure that removes fat, excess skin and orbicularis muscle from the upper and lower eyelids.

It can improve problems such as ptosis of the upper eyelid and lower eyelids bags that make us look older and more tired than we are and in some cases can affect vision.

However, blepharoplasty does not eliminate wrinkles, or “crow’s feet.” It is a procedure that can be performed in combination with other cosmetic surgeries of the face, such as a facelift, necklift or rhinoplasty.

How is the intervention performed?

Generally over one hour. Incisions are made on the skin of the eyelids in order to remove excess skin and orbicularis muscle. Subsequently,  fat pads are removed in the appropriate amount to eliminate the eyelid bags. Finally, the skin is sutured.

After surgery, patient hospitalization is not required. Immediate post-operative care can be done at home, following the indications that will be provided. In most cases, the patient will enjoy normal life in about 10 days.

Who is suitable for an eyelid surgery

The ideal candidates to undergo this type of intervention are those looking for an improvement in their appearance and are in good health. The surgery does not necessarily have to address both upper and lower eyelids, it can be used only for the upper or the lower eyelids. Each case is unique, we carefully evaluate the patient’s eyelids and decide together which is the best option.


The results are very visual and satisfying. The patient’s eyes become vital, with a more youthful and fresh appearance. The effects of the intervention can last for years and in many cases the results are permanent. During the first few months the scars may look red. They disappear progressively until it becomes a practically imperceptible line.

All of our patients have revisions included for one year after treatment.

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