Breast Augmentation

At Plàstica we are experts on breast augmentation surgery, we study each case individually  and we offer the option that best suits your needs. There are different types of procedures  our team has vast  experience in all of them and we explain the different alternatives carefully, so what ever choice you decide go with, it will be using the safest and latest techniques to date. Dr. Ramon Llull is famous for his signature natural look results. All first year care revisions are included in your estimate.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure carried out with the objective of increasing volume and improving the shape of your breast.

It is recommended if you..

1 Feel unhappy with your actual breast size.

2 Show a clear breast size asymmetry.

3 Have suffered loss of breast volume after weight loss, due to age factor or post pregnancy.

4 Require reconstruction after breast surgery.


How can you increase the size of your breasts?

Currently, the size of the breast can be increased by fat grafting technique or using breast implants.

Natural augmentation: fat grafting

This type of surgery is also known as natural breast augmentation as the patients tissue is used. At Plàstica we are experts in the use of fat grafting for breast augmentation.

A fat graft is the implantation of adipose tissue into the breast to increase its volume and modify its shape. The patient does not necessarily have to be overweight but it does require that she/he has an excess of adipose tissue in other body areas so that the fat can be suctioned and re placed.

The natural augmentation is highly recommended for women who want a breast augmentation combined with liposuction, since both procedures can be performed at the same time.

The results are very satisfactory because we use tissue naturally present in the breast. We can safely say that these results can not be achieved with the use of implants, but  the patient can have further surgeries to gain a higher cup size or combine it with implants in the future.

With respect to the lasting of the results post Op, it must be taken into account that the adipose tissue is a natural tissue and therefore alive. In case of weight loss you may also lose volume as result.

Currently there is an innovative combination, the fat graft enriched with cells. By enriching the graft with the patient’s own cells, volume loss becomes more difficult since they play a crucial role in the fixation and maintenance of tissue that is implanted in the new area.

Plàstica is one of the pioneering clinics in breast augmentation with cell-enriched adipose tissue. It produces a very natural breast volume increase without leaving any signs of surgical intervention. Nobody would ever know ..

Augmentation with implants and adipose tissue

There is also the possibility of combining the use of implants with fat grafting when breast augmentation is performed. Increasingly, patients decide to combine both techniques. It increases the breast volume and improves the shape of the breast. It may also be an option for those who want smaller breast implants and wish to add more volume with fat grafting.

Augmentation with implants

In our clinic we work with both round and anatomical implants.

We specialize  in multiple prosthetic implant techniques. The breast augmentation incision options are: transaxilar, periareolar and inframammary fold.

On the other hand, the pocket for the prosthesis may be below the pectoralis muscle (retromuscular) or below the gland (retroglandular).

We adapt the surgical planning according to our patients wishes together with our surgeons technique recomendations  always looking out for the best best option  on an individual basis to suit each patient and her body shape.

Round prosthesis: Placed vertically they have the same thickness at the upper pole as at the lower pole. When placed, these prosthesis fill the breast evenly. These prosthesis  provide a greater cleavage or push-up effect. In the unlikely event that the implant was rotated, nothing would happen since it is round.

Anatomical prostheses: These are tear drop shaped. They have a more natural appearance as they closely mimic the shape of the chest. However, they have a lower volume at the top than the round ones. This type of implant is recommended for women who already have a some volume on the upper pole of their breast, have tuberous breasts deformity or want a look as natural as possible.

What material are implants made of?

The most commonly used implants are made of cohesive silicone gel, and we also use nano-textured silicone implants. Nano-texturized implants have texture in such a way as to prevent encapsulation, a pathology that may be related to the appearance of anaplastic large cell lymphoma. At Plàstica we are concerned about the quality of our implants. In this way we guarantee the best results for our patients. Our suppliers are top of the market recognized US brands like Allergan, Mentor and Motiva. All of our patients will be closely checked for the first year post Op.

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