Breast reduction


What is about?

Breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty is a surgical intervention whose goal is to decrease breast size, through resection of fat, breast tissue and skin. The breasts become smaller, lighter and firmer. The size of the areola can also be reduced, and it can be repositioned to a more youthful level.


It is an intervention indicated for all those women who …

Feel that the size of their breast is excessive.

 Have disconfort practicing sports.

 Have trouble finding lingerie or swimwear.

 Have skin maceration problems at the inframammary fold level.

 Women who have pain in any of the following areas: neck, shoulders and back.


Whose techniques we use?

There are a multitude of techniques described, in which the patterns of skin and gland resection can be different, and therefore the resulting scars will be different. In our clinic we adapted the technique according to each case with the goal of achieving the shape and size more suitable to the patient’s body.



It is a surgery that usually has a high index of satisfaction, as it allows to decrease the size of the breast, return the firmness to the skin and elevate the nipple areola complex to a youthful position. The patient no longer has to worry about finding clothes, does not feel uncomfortable practicing sport and feels better with herself, raising her self-esteem. On the other hand, the quality of woman’s life is improved since health problems caused by the mammary hypertrophy decrease.

At Plàstica we are concerned about a good follow-up after the intervention. All of our patients have included revisions during the first year after treatment.

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