Buttock augmentation

 More and more women want to improve the shape of their buttocks, a body part  closely related to a feminine and proportionate figure. The most commonly performed procedures for this type of intervention are fat grafting and silicone implants.


Buttock augmentation with fat grafting and regenerative cells

Buttock augmentation with fat grafting requires adipose tissue from the patient. Before performing buttock augmentation, fat is removed from different body areas by liposuction. Once the adipose tissue is properly processed, it is reinjected into the buttocks in such a way as to provide the desired projection.

Many women choose  this technique to augment their buttocks because, on the one hand, they eliminate the unwanted fat from other areas and, on the other hand, they naturally improve, (without the use of prosthesis) the projection of their buttocks.

At Plàstica we are experts in cell-enriched fat grafting. It is an innovative technique that allows us to achieve a much more compatible and durable fat grafting since the patient’s own cells (which are extracted by liposuction) help tissues to be recomposed and adhered in a natural way. Moreover, we avoid one of the usual concerns that our patients have, which is the lack of durability of the results. To reduce the reabsorption of fat, the graft can be enriched with regenerative cells.

Buttock augmentation with implants

Two types of implants are used for buttock augmentation: oval and round implants. At Plástica we use round implants as they provide greater projection and better shape the buttocks curves.

The implants are made of cohesive silicone gel and are more resistant than those used for breast augmentation, so that they can withstand the forces exerted by the gluteus major muscle and the sitting position.

One of the concerns our patients usually express is scar visibility. The incision necessary for implant insertion is performed at the gluteal crease in such a way that the scar is hidden.

Can both gluteal augmentation techniques be used together?

Yes, it is possible to combine both techniques. In this way we combine the projection achieved by the implant with the volume and surface improvement provided by the fat.

We include all revisions for one year after treatment. 

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