What is it?

As the years go by there is an impact on our facial features. The skin and muscles of the face lose tone. Wrinkles appear on the forehead, crow’s feet and the projection of the cheekbones is no longer the same,  deepening the nasolabial fold.

The facelift is the surgical procedure that treats the deep layers of the face in order to improve the most obvious signs of aging. It can be performed in isolation or with other treatments such as blepharoplasty and neck lift.

How a facelift is done?

The intervention consists of repositioning the muscular layers, the skin and the fat, removing the cutaneous excess through an incision that begins in the area of the temples, inside the hair, extends into the natural lines that exist in the ears and continues around the ear lobe, behind the ears and the scalp. Usually a night of hospitalization is required, although this may vary depending on the patient. The scars are made in such a way that they are perfectly concealed.


The facial features after the intervention present a younger appearance, regaining vitality. Based on our experience with our patients we can affirm that they feel more comfortable with themselves, reinforcing their self-esteem in this way.

For us, the well-being of our patients is fundamental. That is why we carry out a continuous follow-up to see the evolution after the surgery. All our clients have included revisions during the first year after treatment.

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