What is?

Gynecomastia is an excess of breast volume in men, due to a greater development of glandular tissue and/or excess of fatty tissue. The appearance is similar to that of the female breast.

Gynecomastia is not an anomaly that causes health problems, in most cases, but psychological, since the men affected by it may feel self-conscious and have self-esteem problems.


For whom is indicated?

More and more men decide to undergo surgery. Undergoing a male breast reduction surgical procedure is indicated for those men who do not present health problems, who are emotionally stable and have healthy lifestyle (do not take anabolic steroids, have no abuse of alcohol or other drugs such as cannabis). Overweight people are advised to reduce their weight to see if they naturally can reduce the size of their breasts.

Those who take drugs such as cannabis, anabolic steroids and alcohol in excess are not good candidates for this type of intervention, since these substances  can cause gynecomastia.


How is the surgery performed?

If the primary cause of breast enlargement is excess glandular tissue, it should be excised with a scalpel. The incision is made in a well hidden area, below the areola. This incision removes excess glandular tissue and fat. In case the gynecomastia is caused mainly by an excess of adipose tissue we can use liposuction.

In those cases where both fatty and fibrous tissue excesses do occur, after the removal of excess glandular tissue, a liposuction will be performed. New incisions are often not needed.

Usually the procedure does not take more than 2 hours and does not require hospitalization, although this may vary depending on the patient.


It provides great results?

The patients who undergo a gynecomastia are very satisfied after the surgery. The scars are usually very concealed and the appearance that is achieved is the expected. The results are usually permanent.

All our clients have included the revisions during the first year after surgery.

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