Hymen repair


The hymen is a thin, fibrous, elastic tissue that closes the superficial opening of the vagina, which most women have had since birth, and has certain openings to allow passage of mentruation.

For those patients who want their hymen repaired there is a female genital surgery called hymenoplasty.


How can hymen be broken?

The hymen is not only ruptured during penetration in the sexual act. Hymen rupture can be produced by:

1 Exercise and sport: gymnastics, swimming, horse riding, cycling, etc.

Use of tampons.

3 By a hit or a strong fall.

4 Excessive menstrual flow.

Is it possible to repair the hymen?

This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, pieces of the ruptured hymen, usually present and scarred, are resutured to recreate the morphology of the intact hymen.

Usually the procedure lasts no more than 2 hours and does not usually require hospitalization, although this may vary depending on the patient.

Why women choose to undergo hymen reconstruction?

Beyond value judgments, the hymen has been used by different cultures as a guarantor of female virginity. Whether it is an important fact or not is a personal matter. Nowadays there is the possibility of reconstructing it through plastic surgery and those people who need it can be operated freely.

All of our patients have revisions included during the first year after treatment.

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