Chin surgery


The search for an aesthetic improvement and harmony of the facial features may advise the advance or setback of the chin, to better accommodate with the rest of the face.

Mentoplasty or chin surgery is a surgical intervention that generally lasts less than 2 hours and does not usually require hospitalization, although this may vary depending on the patient.


Chin augmentation surgery

Depending on the case, different techniques are used, detailed below, in order to increase the appropriate length:

Infiltration of adipose tissue of the patient through a lipostructure. It is considered the least invasive technique and consists of   introducing the patient’s own fat into the area that we wish to expand and therefore a natural result is obtained without the use of external prosthesis. At Plàstica we are specialists in the application of this procedure. The results are satisfactory and permanent.

Implantation of a solid silicone chin prosthesis. The implant can be inserted through an incision into the mouth, in the groove between the gum and lower lip, or by making a small incision below the chin.

Advance of a portion of the jaw bone by means of an osteotomy. In these cases the ridge of the bone is displaced and immobilized in an exact and precise way, allowing to correct the defect.


Chin reduction surgery

It is an intervention in which the contour of the bone of the chin area is molded. The height and width of the bone are modified to improve the facial profile of the patient and to obtain a balance of the facial structure. In this operation, the bone is lowered by an osteotomy.


Am I suitable for a mentoplasty?

Anyone who wants to improve their facial aesthetic is a good candidate to perform a mentoplasty, as long as they are medically considered a healthy person physically and mentally.



The aesthetic improvement is considerable. In our experience with patients we can say that they feel comfortable with the change, and also the results of the intervention are permanent. All our patients have included the revisions during the first year after treatment.

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