Neck Lift


What is it?

The cutaneous muscle of the neck can undergo a series of aesthetic alterations:

1 Accumulation of fat in the area, commonly known as jowls.

2 Loss of tension over time, causing the appearance of platismal bands.

The neck Lift is the surgical procedure that allows us to correct these aesthetic defects.

How neck lift is done?

Incisions are made behind the ears and under the chin (sometimes only needed in one of those areas). Through these incisions, excess excess skin is removed, stretched and fixed with permanent sutures.

Who is a good candidate for a neck lift?

Anyone healthy, physically and emotionally, who wants to rejuvenate their neck is a good candidate to undergo a neck lift. It is an intervention that is recommended to accompany a facelift and other procedures such as blepharoplasty to obtain a youthful appearance.


The satisfaction index is high since the results are good. It recovers the tension and the firmness of the neck.

All of our patients have the revisions included during the first year after treatment.

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