Ear surgery


Otoplasty is the surgery whose goal is to fix the aesthetic problems of the ear. With this intervention, the prominent ears can be repositioned to a much more natural position; we can reduce the size of large ears and resolve other types of asymmetries or defects such as cup ears and costricted ears. It can also repair the split lobe. In more extreme cases such as microtia or traumatic ear loss there is the possibility of creating a new one.


How is the intervention done?

Depending on the patient’s ear deformity, the type of intervention as well as the techniques used will be different.

One of the techniques we use to solve the problem of prominent ears is the Mustardé technique. It is effective and non-invasive. It allows us to create an antihelical fold and to reduce the distance between the auricle and the head.

In the procedure, an incision is made behind the ear. Through this incision we remodel the ear cartilage, folding it as necessary. A portion of the posterior skin is excised and finally closed. The intervention usually lasts less than one hour and a half. No hospital admission is required after the procedure.

One of the most common questions that patients usually have before undergoing  otoplasty is how long it will take to see their new ears. The recovery time of the intervention is short. In most cases, it is usually not necessary to wait more than a week for the dressing to be removed.


Is there any less invasive options?

When the patient has a mild deformity, we can perform otoplasties using percutaneous threads. It is an incision-free procedure. Small holes are made in very specific places of the ear through which the sutures are passed to the cartilage. Once the sutures have reached the desired point, it is posible to fold the ear to the head. The procedure usually does not last more than an hour. The results are visible just after the procedure and the postoperative is more comfortable.


Who is the ideal candidate?

It is frequent for parents with their children  to come to our clinic requesting a solution for prominent ears. It is an aesthetic problem that can affect self-esteem during childhood. The age of the patient is not usually a problem. The ears have almost reached their maximum growth at four years. It is an operation, therefore, that can be done both in children and adults and is recommended for all those people who do not feel comfortable with the appearance of their ears.



Each case is different but all have in common a significant improvement in the shape of their ears. In our experience with patients we can say that they feel comfortable with the change, and the report an improvement in self-esteem.

The results of the intervention are permanent in most patients (in some cases of percutaneous otoplasty, a certain return to the original shape over time may be experienced).

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