Penile Girth Enhancement


What is about?

It is the surgical technique used in the male genital area to widen the girth of the penis in all its extension.

Who is a good candidate for the intervention?

The penis stop increasing its girth from the age of twenty. Any man over that age, who is considered healthy physically and mentally is a good candidate to perform a penile girth enhancement.

How is the penile girth enhancement made?

At Plàstica we perform penile girth enhancement using fat grafting technique, working in a team with the urologysts. Our plastic surgeons are responsible for obtaining and grafting the fat. The increase of volume of the penis is achieved by micrografts of adipose tissue. In order to carry out a fat grafting, the adipose tissue of the patient is needed. This fat is removed from areas such as the abdomen, thighs and arms through a liposuction. After proper processing, the fat is injected under the skin of the penis. The fat is distributed throughout the penis, except the foreskin. It is possible to repeat the procedure to gain a greater perimeter. In order to ensure a greater fat survival, we recommend the use of fat grafts enriched with cells.

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