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At Plàstica we are experts on the treatment of cosmetic defects or problems that may arise in the skin.

All surgical incisions or traumatic wounds affecting deep layers of the skin invariably involve the presence of a scar. In the best cases, these are fine, pale, and well concealed. Sometimes the scars appear broad, elevated and itchy. In the worst cases, scars can limit the mobility of certain structures and lead to contractures.

Scars need 1 to 3 years to mature; initially its color is red and, as the time goes by, they flatten and become pale. This is a normal evolution, however, we can find two types of scars that we can consider pathological:

Hypertrophic scars: they are limited to the original scar, are elevated and can cause discomfort such as itching or irritation. Left to their evolution, they can improve spontaneously, although we have techniques to accelerate its favorable evolution.

 Keloid scars: these scars may extend beyond the original area of ​​incision or trauma; they are much more difficult to treat, and in a high number of cases the scars reappear once they have been removed.

We have several methods for correcting scars:

Infiltration with corticosteroids: several separate sessions with one month between sessions may be necessary, in order to obtain a progressive improvement of the appearance of the scar, without removing it.

■ Surgical Removal of the scar: this way we create a more favorable scar than the original, meticulously controlling all the factors that determine the final result.

However, it must be taken into account that all of them can not completely eliminate the scar, but their goal is to improve the appearance of the scar already present by means of complementary techniques or by the removal of the scar and its replacement by a new one of best characteristics.

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