Thigh Lift


What is it?

As the years go by, with variations in weight or pregnancy, the area of the thighs and groin lose tone. The thigh lift is a surgical intervention whose goal is to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue of the thighs. With this technique it is possible to change the shape, improve the appearance and internally strengthen the structures of the thighs


How a thigh lift is done?

Depending on the patient, one technique or another will be chosen to carry out the upward traction of the skin of the leg. Incisions are made in the inguinal fold, in the inner side of the thigh or both sites in order to conceal the scars as much as possible. Through these incisions we extract fatty tissue to facilitate the traction of the skin and remove the cutaneous excess. The incisions are then closed.

All our clients have included the revisions during the first year after treatment.


It is recommended for …

Eliminate sagging of the skin in cases where there has been a large variation in body weight.

Remove fat accumulation of the thigh area that despite sport and diet is still there.

Improve the appearance of loose, wrinkled, multi-striae thighs caused by excess skin.



With realistic and appropriate expectations, patients are often very satisfied, improving their self-esteem significantly by feeling more comfortable with themselves, without worrying about showing the thighs and being able to wear clothes that previously were unthinkable because of their complex.

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