Cutaneos Tumoral Resection


Skin tumors are relatively common pathologies, ranging from completely benign entities that only cause an aesthetic problem, to tumors of malignant nature that, allowed to evolve, can infiltrate neighboring structures and become a health problem, and therefore should be completely removed to avoid such complications.

Depending on the type of tumor and its size, the surgical treatment can range from removal and simple closure of the skin, to larger resections that may require the use of more complex reconstructive techniques, such as redistribution of adjacent skin to cover the defect,  skin grafts or, in more aggressive cases, the use of distant tissues in the form of vascularized flaps.

Although each lesion is different and should be evaluated in an individualized manner, the procedure usually involves the complete removal of the lesion and submission of the specimen for pathological study. It should not be forgotten that, especially in malignant tumors, the main goal of the surgery is the complete excision of the tumor, and in these cases, although the aesthetic considerations are taken into account and the best cosmetic result will be sought, they are secondary.

Many of these interventions can be performed on an outpatient basis, with local anesthesia and no need for hospitalization. The piece is usually removed in its entirety, although this can only be confirmed by pathological study; sometimes, reintervention may be necessary to ensure complete elimination of all tumor cells.

Fortunately benign tumors only pose an aesthetic problem; They range from lipomas (the so-called “fat balls”), through facial cysts, moles, etc …

At Plàstica we offer treatments for multiple pathologies that may arise on the skin.



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