Ulcers treatments


We take care of the treatment of unhealed and chronic ulcers. These skin defects can arise from different causes: trauma, previous tumors, poor circulation or other metabolic illness such as diabetes. Ulcers tend to be located mainly in the limbs and are difficult to heal.

We work with ulcer healing protocols developed by our extensive experience, which is based on wound dressings, enzymatic, mechanical and surgical debridement that allow us to progressively heal the cutaneous lesion.

It is possible to close these ulcers by autologous tissue transfer to this defect. We are recently developing a series of therapies using regenerative cells of the patient to promote healing capacity, improve the vascularization of the affected area and reduce  inflammation to which they are associated.

Once the ulcer is closed, it generates a non-esthetic scar and can be limiting at a functional level. We have resources to remodel them either through infiltrations, drugs or cells, or through other treatments that allow us to improve their aesthetics.



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