Research and Development

At Plàstica we work towards new device and techniques development for adipose tissue and skin applications. Leaded by Dr. Ramón Llull, our R&D team is subspecialized on surgery and regenerative medicine fields, aiming to bring better solutions for healthcare improvement.

At Plàstica we colaborate with a scientific expert team developing new techniques in order to provide patients with safer and better surgical treatments.

Plàstica covers the whole process of technology transfer starting from unmet need identification (usualy in the surgery room, medical activity) via idea conception in order to propose a solution (supervised by our medical team) and to its final development in our R&D laboratory to provide with a new product or service. The final chain phase is product validation with a clinical trial to enable market access in order to bring improvement for patient’s healthcare.

Our Laboratory

Our bio-cell laboratory is located near to Plàstica offices at the Hospital Quirónsalud Palmaplanas. We work with advanced equipment to analyze and develop new techniques and medical devices.

Our R&D team offers contract research services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Some of our main services are:

  • Basic soft tissue characterization (fat and bone marrow)
  • Potency assays
  • Experimental design and data management
  • Differential digestion
  • Scientific paper and article writing
  • R&D consultancy
  • Medical device validation
  • Pre-clinical and clinical research
  • SCF harvesting and process training

If your need is not listed here, do not hesitate on contacting us!


Our panel of experts holds an excellent team of physicians and scientific researchers with more than 20 years of experience in the field of biotechnology and regenerative medicine. Our experts are members of scientific and advisory boards, helping industry with their experience and knowledge in terms of project approaches, strategy and product validation, in between others.

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Training is key to ensure knowledge and innovation transfer. At Plàstica, we are aware of the importance to ensure knowledge transfer and new technologies use, for that reason we promote and offer professional training for team and individuals.

We are specialized on adipose tissue cells obtaining processes, application, analysis and result interpretation. We also offer training opportunities for plastic surgery and reconstructive physicians, to implement fat grafting enriched with regenerative cells and other innovative techniques.

All our training services are organized under personalized calendar and subjected to center’s agenda.


Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) obtaining process

Definition: describes a process where human adipose tissue coming from a liposuction is treated and filtered using medical devices in order to obtain a final aqueous cell-enriched suspension  in Ringer’s lactate medium.

Training target: this training process is recommended for plastic surgeons and researchers that would like to incorporate the knowledge on the technology and necessary steps to work with autologous cells and be able to produce the SVF for surgery treatments such as enriched fat graft or research purposes.

What is about: we offer a full training session that includes device use, SVF processing, sample treatment and certification.

Price: personalized budgets will be provided depending on training hours, number of trainees, localization, etc. For further information about prices you can contact our manager at

Localization: we offer the option to carry on the training session at our facilities in Palma de Mallorca, but it is also possible to externalize training to other countries (EU, USA and others).


Our company is strongly oriented towards training; whether you are involved in plastic surgery or if you are a researcher and you are interested in studying and working in the field of cell therapies, you are welcome to get trained with our team.

For junior surgeons: we offer you the possibility to see how a medical consultation and an operating room work, and all aspects of the daily routine of a plastic surgeon.

For senior surgeons: we work together with other specialists and we can train you on innovative plastic surgery and repair techniques.